I get to have lunch with Pat Conroy today. (Okay, so he’s not eating with JUST me, it’s a big group of us, but it still counts, right? Of course it does.)

I’m sort of nervous. Pat Conroy is actually the only author I ever wrote a fan letter to, about six years ago. I just love his work, and I wanted to tell him so. I never heard back—and didn’t expect to—but it’s always a little bit surreal to meet someone whose work has really meant something to you. I had a summer where I read Prince of Tides, then all his other books, one right after another. Isn’t that the greatest, when you discover an author, love one of their books, and find out there’s, like, all these other ones, too? (It happened to me with Anne Tyler, as well.) So cool.

Anyway, so it’s a busy day. A day o’Pat Conroy here on the UNC campus. But I’m rested. And ready. And nervous. Wish me luck!

have a good day everyone….