Yesterday was a loooong day. But a good one.

I *did* meet Pat Conroy, and he was just so nice. Really. Great with the students, great at lunch, and he gave one of the best talks I’ve ever been to at UNC, one of the few where I wasn’t glancing at my watch every once in a while, wondering when he’d be finished. The crowd to see him was so big that even though we got there at 7:10, we still got two of the last real seats in the SECOND overflow room. It was packed. I was with my friend Courtney, and she said, “Can you imagine ever being famous enough to pull in this many people?” I could not. But he was worth it. Completely.

Then we headed off to the reception following. When we walked in, I had one of those true once-in-a-lifetime moments. (Warning: this probably will not mean all that much to you unless you are a huge UNC Tarheels fan and/or grew up in Chapel Hill.) There, just as we came in the door, was Pat Conroy and Dean Smith. For those of you who don’t know, Dean Smith is the winningest college basketball coach of all time, he coached UNC for most of my life, and he is a GOD around these parts. I walked within two feet of him and it was almost too much for me to take. I was talking with some students, who were like, Look! Look! and I said, I know. It’s like it’s Jesus over there. Really. All the photographers were circling, documenting the moment: it was big. So exciting.


So anyway, after the whirlwind that was yesterday, today things settle down a bit. All I have to do today is go get a haircut. And I’m feeling like…I’m gonna go shorter. Way shorter. (Let the record show I HAVE had the same haircut since high school, so chopping a bit of length is about as radical as I get.) We’ll see…..

have a good day everyone!