Five quick facts: (format borrowed from Gemini Girl)

1) I have a sore throat and feel really tired but I am NOT SICK. I am NOT. (I believe in this positive mantra stuff. I really do.)

2) I cut my hair short today, and I feel like a whole new girl.

3) While I am NOT sick I am tired, but I think I am having Chinese food brought home to me, which makes every single thing in the world that much better.

4) It’s raining hard, and the sound of it hitting the roof makes me so happy that about five years ago we decided yes, we do want a metal roof, just for times like these.

5) Tomorrow is Thursday, end of the school week for me, and for this weekend, I have…hardly anything planned. There is nothing nicer, these days, than flipping on my Palm Pilot and seeing two empty days in a row. Nice.

have a good evening everyone!