Oh, the horror.

So I’m walking to work this morning, following my normal routine: drop something at the post office, pick up a copy of the Daily Tarheel, our campus paper, and scan the headlines as I cross the street. Then, I glance down at the bottom of the front page and there’s this picture. Sort of looks like me. I look closer. It IS me. Open the paper, flip to the middle page, and there it is: a nice article about writing at Carolina with possibly the WORST picture of me EVER above it. It takes up the entire top half of the page. Oh, my God.

(It has been well documented on this site that I do not photograph well. It’s not the fault of the person behind the camera: it’s me. But it’s one thing to accept that, another to know that thousands of people—including your students, who love to mock when given the chance—will be looking at said terrible picture within minutes, or hours. Or, most likely, they’ve already seen it.)

It was all I could do not to turn around, call in sick from my cell phone, and go home. But no. I’m here.


I’d try to find the picture so I could share it, but right now I just don’t have it in me. Maybe later. Good God. It’s only 8:49. Is this any way to start the day?

In other news, speaking of writing at Carolina, my friend and coworker Daniel Wallace’s book Big Fish has been made into a movie. It’s directed by someone you might have heard of, uh, Tim Burton, and stars, oh, Ewan McGregor, among others. This is a VERY big deal and Daniel is such a great person and I am totally excited for him. The trailer just went online: you can watch it here.

Finally, Clay Aiken (or, as they say around here, Raleigh’s own Clay Aiken) is going to be on Primetime tonight. It’s amazing to me his transformation in a year’s a time. I mean, in the promo I saw this morning, Diane Sawyer’s talking about childhood tragedy, and they have a shot of him lit all softly: he looks like he’s surrounded by a halo. Remember how he was all nerdy, with the glasses and loud shirt, back at the beginning of American Idol? I almost liked him better that way. But that’s probably just me. I guess geek doesn’t sell. Unless you’re Bill Gates, of course.

have a good day everyone!