It’s Friday. Which means new movies. I haven’t seen Lost in Translation yet, or School of Rock, and now here comes Intolerable Cruelty AND Kill Bill. When things finally slow down I’m really going to have to go on a movie marathon. Or else I’ll be totally out of the loop for, like, ever.

In other news, let’s breathe a sigh of relief that……

*FRIENDS SPOILER AHEAD: if you haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, skip this!*

….the Joey and Rachel thing is over. Thank God! Last night watching them make out I was literally squirming. Ewww! But I loved when they were talking about Monica and Chandler and Rachel said, “Well, they must not have been as good as friends as we are.” So sweet. Now, let’s move on. Please!

*END OF SPOILER: you may now rejoin the group. Thank you for your patience.*

I spent entirely too much time yesterday trying to get my husband’s new cell phone to work. I swear, it’s like some sort of endurance test to try to get through to customer service. I have Sprint PCS, which works great, but he has Alltel, which is more local (NC-based) and they, in my opinion, are of the suck. It seems impossible for both the Caller ID and the Voice Mail to work at the same time: sorry, you gotta pick one or the other. In all fairness, they are switching over to a new system so it’s the worst timing ever, but still. Between calling Citibank to contest the charge for the bed I will never get because Workbench went bankrupt and dealing with the phone thing, I’ve had enough of automated phone menus, sitting on hold, and muzak to last me a lifetime. No more! Please!

Okay, I think I’ll calm down now.

Finally, another movie opens today which I most likely won’t see, but I think the previews are hilarious. It’s Good Boy, and it’s about dogs from outer space. I know, I know, but the trailer makes me laugh for some stupid reason: I have a boxer, and I love when that boxer says: “Can I have a cookie? Ten cookies? Can I have twenty cookies?” If you need a little help getting your day going, go watch that. Worked for me, anyway.

have a good day everyone!!!