Finally got to the movies last night, and saw School of Rock. I liked it. I LOVED Jack Black: anytime he’s onscreen you just can’t pull your eyes away from him, even if someone else is talking. Even better was the idea of being out for dinner and a movie with the hubster on a Monday night, so totally random. I decided we should do it every week. We’ll see.

In other news, I think I’ve gotten entirely too dependent on my horoscope. What does this mean? I don’t know. But before I do anything each day, I find myself reading not one, not two, but THREE horoscopes. Not to mention my monthly one on Astrologyzone. This must mean I need guidance. Or think I do. The one in the Daily Tarheel always gives you a number for your day, 1-10, and today, for me, is supposed to be a 9. So that’s good, right?


Our fall break starts, for me, a week from today and I can’t WAIT. Fall break is always the best: you get a Thursday and Friday off, just as the weather’s turning cooler, just before Halloween, the ultimate four day weekend. Leading up to fall break, however, is a frenzy of assignments due for my students—although not in my class—and every semester I find myself watching them become more and more exhausted right before my eyes. It’s a little scary, these tales of all nighters, ten hours spent on one paper, No-Doz taken by the handful, the occasional bout of tears. I think sometimes I forget what it was like to be a student, since I’ve been out of college ten years this December. (Ten years! Ten! Ten Years!—I’m just like Jeremy Piven in Grosse Point Blank when it comes to this, I swear). But if I think back really hard, I do recall always collapsing right before every break, slumping onto the couch with my backpack sliding with a clunk to the floor beside me, circles under my eyes, totally sleep deprived. Whew. I feel for them. And I don’t miss it. Not at all. That’s the nice thing about teaching, or one of the nice things. You get the college atmosphere, the fun of it all, without having to write papers and take exams. I don’t miss those, either.

*looks at clock*

Oh, right. I also have to go to class. And be on time…..

have a good day everyone!