As I write this, there is a crowd of people in the hallway outside my office, waiting to take a midterm at 9:30. The tension in the air is thick: everyone’s silent, flipping through books and notes, mumbling under their breath, pacing. It’s making me nervous.


Apparently, everyone’s extra stressed because the entire UNC email system crashed on Tuesday morning and didn’t get running again until last night. There’s a picture on the front page of the paper this morning of a bunch of IT guys at a desk. The one in the middle is holding his head in his hands: it’s so sad. I admire anyone who could handle that kind of pressure. Really.

In happier news, The North Carolina State Fair begins tomorrow. Where else can you go see enormous cattle, ride on something called the Zipper, AND eat fried twinkies and milky way bars? (Although it might be said you should avoid doing all three at once. Uck.) I’ve only been to the fair a couple of times, and since I’m a total wimp about rides for me it was all about the exhibits, then the games, then the eating. The last time I was there, they had an enormous sculpture of the former agriculture commissioner made entirely of butter. Butter! I mean, please! I don’t know if I’m going this year. But it is tempting.

This one girl outside looks so stressed. It’s almost as bad as the IT guy. Thank God fall break is next week.

have a good day everyone….