Okay, so I now have a new obsession: ITunes.

Yesterday it finally became available for Windows, and I downloaded it. About an hour later, I’d already bought ten songs I’d wanted for AGES, and had to seriously curtail myself from buying so many more. But at 99 cents a song, it’s not like it’s that big of a hit in the wallet. And you know how you’ll have a song you want, but you don’t want the whole album, or can’t even remember the album it was on? You can go look it up on ITunes, buy it for 99 cents, and listen to it about fifteen seconds later. It is Just So Cool. Plus there’s no guilt. And you know how I love that.

(I know this sounds like a paid testimonial, as they say in infomercials, but really, it’s the truth. Really!)

A selection of what I bought yesterday:

“Silent All These Years,” Tori Amos. Love this song, always have, not crazy about her other stuff. Totally appropriate for all angst situations.

“A Simple Kind of Life,” No Doubt. From the album that you didn’t hear that much about. Late twenties angst, but appropriate for other situations, as well.

“Don’t Change Your Plans,” Ben Folds Five. An upbeat song that, when you really listen to it, is just so sad.

(I’m sensing a theme here…but I’m not sad. Really. I’m fine.)

“Blue Moon,” The Cowboy Junkies. My husband used to have a tape someone made him with this song on it, and I loved it. But we lost the tape years ago. Now I have the song again. It’s so dreamy and….sad. (What is this about?)

“Calling All Angels,” Train. Because every time I hear it on the radio, I turn it up and think, “I like this song.” And it’s not sad!

“The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)” Tom Waits. I have been looking for this song since I heard it late one night on the student run station, WXYC, when I was driving home from somewhere. I love Tom Waits, Rain Dogs is pretty much my all time favorite album, but I couldn’t find this one at the record store. It is just brilliant. No other words for it.

“Waiting for You,” Seal. Again, I keep hearing this song and liking it, so I bought it. Good for running on the treadmill, or so I found out this morning.

And there were more. And WILL be more. I worry that I may become addicted: I can see it happening. But at least it’s cheaper than Banana Republic.

have a good day everyone!