I think I need more coffee.

How is it possible, really, that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the number one movie last weekend? (Take that transition!) I mean, with Kill Bill at number 2, it’s like a blood and guts fest. Obviously, violence is in. Who knew? And who woulda thunk that a movie about a crazy person with a chainsaw killing teenagers would survive to spawn a sequel, all these years later? And, since we’re asking questions, why can’t a movie be released that I really want to see?

(Oh, my God. This woman just walked past my door really fast, heels clacking, hum-hum-humming to herself, and flashed me this dazzling smile. What is SHE on? And can I have some? Please?)

Anyway, I still haven’t seen Lost in Translation, or Under the Tuscan Sun, both of which appealed to me. My husband claims Kill Bill was awesome but he’s not sure I’d like it all that much. He’s usually right about such things. I’m more into the fun-filled cartoony violence of Charlie’s Angels 2, which comes out on DVD today. Also out today: Mandy Moore’s album of covers, Coverage. (Gotta give the love to Mandy: it’s like a rule here.) She’s on Oprah today, too, with Bow Wow. Now there’s an interesting combination.

(Everyone walking past in the hallway is full of energy and pep. Is Camp Jim being held here, or something? Sheesh. I think I need to get with the program.)

have a good day everyone….