So my vacation is over. But it was great, just great. We went to the mountains, stayed at the world-famous Grove Park Inn in Asheville, this huge, stone enormity that looks, from the outside, like something the smurfs might have lived in. Really! But the views were gorgeous, and in the lobby there were these huge fireplaces you could sit in front of while you drank your evening glass of wine, looking out over the mountains. Very nice. There was also a spa, with this incredible steamroom and all these pools and jacuzzis. Good God, I have never been less stressed in my life. Really. I actually had a moment where I was like, ah, *this* is what it means when people tell me I should relax. I get it now!

They also had this cool thing called a contrast pool. Basically, it’s like a jacuzzi, and next to it is this smaller pool, with a ladder leading down into it. You dip in your toe: it’s COLD. Really cold. The idea is that you get in the jacuzzi, get all warmed up, then dunk yourself in the cold water. Good for the skin, or system, or something. At first I was like, no way, not gonna happen. But then I sort of double-dared myself, so I did it. And it felt…good. Okay, freezing, almost heart-stoppingly so, but in a strange way…good. And I had this nice rosy flush for the rest of the day.

Another thing I discovered I liked this weekend: Dr. Phil. Now, I used to watch Dr. Phil when he was on Oprah sometimes, but I wasn’t really into a whole show just about him. Until we were at the hotel, and I found myself both days sort of sucked in watching his show as I got ready for dinner. Now I have my Tivo set to it. It’s that addictive! Mostly I’m interested in this family he’s following. Can you imagine letting Dr. Phil, or anyone for that matter, set up cameras in your house and follow you, have the NATION follow you, for months at a time? What are people thinking? But then again, I’m watching, so who am I to judge, right?

Well, now it’s Monday. Back to errands and work and all that. The leaves are falling fast here now, and last night it was dark at six o’clock. *Sigh* I’m trying to have a good attitude about winter coming, but it’s hard. Despite my best efforts, I’ll always be a summer girl. I can stand the cold, but only for a little while. Like a plungeworth in that contrast pool, but then I want it to be warm again, fast. I can only hope spring comes soon.

have a good day everyone!