So I’ve been watching some TV lately and it’s been making me think. (Surprising, isn’t it? Not that I watch TV: you all knew that already. But that it is actually intellectually stimulating?) Monday night I watched this ABC special, Fat Like Me. On the whole it was about obesity in America among teens and children, but the part they showed in all the ads was when they put this average-sized girl in a fat suit—like the one Gwyneth Paltrow wore in Shallow Hal—and sent her, with a hidden camera, to a new school to see how the students reacted. Well, you can imagine, I’m sure. They were cruel and mean and horrible. Then, after a day, they took off the fat suit and sent her back the next day to confront the kids and talk to them about how they’d treated her. Compelling, right? And it was. I mean, how often do you capture the awfulness of high school on tape? But I have to say it sort of bugged me that they did the whole fat suit thing. I mean, I almost would have preferred that they take an overweight teen, put the camera on her, and send her in, then confront the kids for how they treated her. Cause wasn’t that the point, really? Not that, oh, she isn’t fat after all! but look, see how you hurt people when you’re like this? It’s terrible! Why are you so mean?

I don’t know. It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain, but it bugged me.

Then last night, I watched Born Rich, a documentary that I Tivoed on HBO. This is a film made by an heir to the Johnson and Johnson (as in Band-Aids) family, and it basically consisted of him interviewing his friends about what it’s like to be born rich. (Hence the title.) Yes, it was compelling. I mean, we all wonder, right? But it was also sort of disgusting, especially this one guy who was clearly so full of himself, and his wealth, that I found my mind wandering when he was on screen as I wondered what he would look like in a McDonald’s uniform, asking if I wanted fries with that. Now *that* would be an interesting reality show.

And MTV now has a show called Rich Girls, which premiered last night, I think. I’m just not sure what in our society is bringing all this to the forefront right now. The bad economy? Wish fulfillment? It’s hard to say. But the point of Born Rich was, by the end, that money doesn’t make you happy. And we should all know that. But having had times in my life when I was scraping for rent, praying my last table would tip decently so I could pay the power bill, I have to say that’s no picnic either. So do with that what you will.

(How did this become such a deep entry?)

To remedy this, I’ll end on a high note. Our state capital now has an Andy Griffith statue, sponsored by TV Land. Aren’t you jealous?
You know you are.

have a good day everyone!