Earlier this month, I kept finding millipedes in my house. So creepy. I’d look down and there one would be, moving along fast on all its little legs. Ugh. Then, the millipedes disappeared, and the daddy longleg spiders began to show up. (I know there is a scientific name for them, a real name, but this is the only one I know.) The spiders liked to hang on our front door, then drop down into my hair (shrieeeeek!) whenever I came in or went out. Plus you’d just look up as you sat on the couch and there one would be, walking along the cushions, not a care in the world. Now that it’s getting colder, there are less spiders. But then, on Friday, the ladybugs showed up.

I was in the bedroom, and I looked out to see a bunch of ladybugs on the outside of the house, moving around a window. No biggie. In the next hour or so, though, they all came IN, and there were at least a hundred mobbing the area around our front door. What is UP with that? How did they get in? How did they all arrive here at once? Did they plan a group trip? Within a couple of hours, most of them had assembled on this high ledge above our door, where they are now piled together. I know from last year that if we try to scrape them into a cup (vaccuuming them up being the only other option) they will suddenly come to life and start flying all over the place, divebombing my head. So I’ll just leave them where they are, until the spring, when they’ll just disappear one day, just like that.

Nature is just so perplexing, isn’t it?

In other news, we’re having unseasonably warm weather here. Of course it’s just as I piled away all my summer clothes, and got out my jeans and turtlenecks, that the temperature does a total reversal and now it’s supposed to be eighty today. It’s November! I mean, I love warm weather, don’t get me wrong. But it just feels sort of odd to be discussing Thanksgiving plans with people in shorts and sandals. I know when it *does* get cold, though, I’ll hate it. So I think I’ll just shut up now.

Finally, before I go, a confession: I really want to see Scary Movie 3. I know it’s supposed to be crass, and gross, and offensive, but no matter. I also know I SHOULD go see Lost in Translation first, which is an Important Art Movie, but it’s only playing in one theatre, and they don’t have weekday matinees, and if you go at night you have to pay to park, AND I don’t like their popcorn.

*reads over entry*

God, what a whiny entry. Oh, poor me, ladybugs! Oh, warm weather! Unsatisfactory popcorn! Woe is me!

Time for a little gratitude, I think. And breakfast.

have a good day everyone!