This morning, on the way to work, I saw a guy sitting in a lawn chair by a major intersection. He had a walkman on, looked to be about student-aged, and had a clipboard in his lap. Just looking at the trafffic. At another intersection, I saw another person doing the same thing. Which led me to think: what kind of job is THAT? Are they counting cars? How many people run red lights? What, what is it?

We have red light cameras at two intersections here now. For those of you who don’t know, what this means is that there are cameras will take a picture of your car (front and back) if you are in the intersection after the light changes. And let me tell you, this is a real problem here in Chapel Hill: people run red lights like you would not BELIEVE. There’s, like, a standing five second rule, where people continue to go through the intersection once the red light comes on. Needless to say, since the cameras were put up, they’ve given a LOT of tickets. Frankly, the cameras scare me to death. I mean, does it count if the light is yellow, and you go ahead, but then it turns red before you cross the opposite line? Will a ticket come to me in the mail, unexpectedly, any day now?

Am I asking entirely too many questions in this entry?

(I think the answer is yes.)

Speaking of questions, this morning I got my Book of Answers back from my friend Lisa. Maybe you’ve seen this thing: it’s a book of about oh, four or five hundred pages, maybe, and each one has an answer on it. The idea is that you hold the book in your lap, say the question that is pressing on your mind aloud, then open to book to any random page and there’s your answer. Here, I’ll show you right now.

Question: Will my students all hand in their papers on time on Thursday, as I have begged them to?
Answer: “It is not significant.”

(YES, it is, if anyone from my class is reading this. Fear my wrath!)

Let’s try another one.
Question: Should I go to the movies today?
Answer: “You could find yourself unable to compromise.”

Hmmmmm. Wonder what THAT means.

Okay, one last one.
Question: Will my new book do well?
Answer: “Yes, but don’t force it.”


It’s like the magic eight ball, but in a book. Gotta love that, right?
Answer: “Be Delightfully Sure of it.”
(I am not making this up, I swear. It really says that!)

have a good day everyone…