According to Astrologyzone, my all-time favorite horoscope site (it’s eerily accurate, at least for me) there’s a lunar eclipse happening this weekend that is supposed to Affect All of Us Considerably. Okay, so maybe it’s not here yet, but already things seem sort of weird. For example:

1. Yesterday, I had a car with Vermont plates beside me at a stoplight. We pulled up, it turned red, we stopped. A few cars passed going through the other way. Then, with the light STILL RED, these Vermonters just hit the gas and go. Vrrrooooom! Through the solid red light. I just looked at them, jaw dropping. Then, I caught up with them at the next light. Same thing: sit for a second, let cars pass, and they went. This time, the person behind them almost ran the light too, stopping halfway through the intersection and backing up. Meanwhile, the Vermont car was just gone, zooming down the highway towards town. What’s up with that?

2. On the way to work today, two people pulled out in front of me as if I wasn’t even there, or driving Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, or something. Maybe Chapel Hill is just full of bad/crazy drivers? Could be, but I doubt it.

3. I kept hearing strange thunking noises last night in my house, but when I’d turn down the TV and really listen hard: nothing. Hmmmm.

4. It is so freaking unseasonably warm here, muggy and sticky and strange feeling. And my hair is acting like Monica’s did in Barbados. Maybe I should do dreadlocks?

5. Finally: I stayed up until 10:45 last night, so late for me. It’s bizarre! So strange! There MUST be something going on, right?

Right. Absolutely.

have a good day everyone…..