I want a girl who gets up early
I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape

—Cake, “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”

Since I’ve been obsessed with ITunes (ongoing) I’ve been remembering how much I used to be into song quotes, back in high school. I don’t know if I’ve written here before about how I used to write on the walls of my bedroom. I had song quotes, and lines from books, as well as pictures and collage stuff like, everywhere. Sometimes I look back at pictures of my walls then and think, no wonder I felt so insane back then. Anyone would be, sleeping in a room that was that busy, with something to read or see or process everywhere you looked. (It probably explains why now, in the house we’ve lived in for almost five years, we have a lot of bare wall space. I need it, I guess.) Anyway, as my fifteen *gasp* year reunion approaches, high school has been on my mind more than usual, and I keep thinking back and trying to remember some of the quotes that I used to read above my head, or across the room, on a daily basis. Not the one above, of course. I’ve just discovered Cake, thanks to ITunes. (Their cover of “I Will Survive” is probably the best 99 cents I ever spent.)

I wrote a lot of the quotes, but my friends added their own, as well. Sometimes people would come over I didn’t know all that well, friends of friends, and they’d write something, and I wouldn’t find it until later. I remember this weird guy I hardly knew wrote some lines from this Talking Heads song, which I’d never heard, but still love:

I can’t tell one from another
Did I find you or you find me
There was a time, before we were born
If someone asks, this is where I’ll be

There were obscure punk rock songs, and easy listening songs, and entirely too much Pink Floyd. This was one of the only times in my life that I wasn’t writing on a regular basis, and sometimes I think it was another way of doing it, one step removed or something. I can’t remember when, exactly, I decided to paint over my walls and take everything down. I think it was senior year? Or maybe the summer after? You’d think I’d remember. Someone told me I should videotape the walls, so I’d always have them, but I didn’t, and I sort of regret it. Especially when I hear songs I recognize from there.

I’ve heard stories about you
I’d like to think that they were true

And there are tons of them. Don’t YOU have a favorite quote that you’ll always remember? Feel free to offer it up. Jog that memory! It’s Friday! Lose yourself in nostalgia! Come on, you know you want to! And maybe I need the company….

have a good day everyone!