Thanks to everyone who sent in quotes over the weekend. I think that’s the most comments I’ve ever gotten on any entry, ever, with quotes from Ghandi to Hugh Grant. Who knew?

The thing is, I think quotes are something we can all relate to. I had my tenth grade yearbook out the other night—don’t ask—and I was amazed at how many people, when they signed to me, put in quotes. One girl I used to hang out with (and haven’t seen since high school) filled up an entire page. Amazing. And then there are of course senior quotes, those few lines for which you will be forever remembered by everyone else in your graduating class. I remember sitting in homeroom, with about fifteen minutes to come up with whatever brilliant saying would go under my (very unflattering) senior picture for eternity. A lot of pressure. Didn’t you always feel bad for people who wrote, like, “To John, you are the love of my life!” and then, by June, when the yearbooks came out, they’d been broken up for ages? Not a good idea, I think, to include that sort of thing in your quote. It’s kind of like getting someone’s name tattooed on you.

My quote was Pink Floyd. (I hear you laughing, shut up!) “The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say.” Bianca’s was a bunch of inside jokes that no one but us got, but then “Saying oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.” But then you had our friend Andy’s, which was, “Every kid wants a sandwich,” and my friend Loring’s, “Hail, hail the merry queen of the nuts.” (Can’t you tell we were just a fun group to hang out with?) Flipping through my senior yearbook I see a lot of quotes about the future (naturally) accomplishment (of course) and drugs (well, it was the eighties). I’m not sure I want to be remembered as someone who really liked Pink Floyd. But like so much else in high school, I didn’t put much thought into the decision of my quote, I just did it, and now I have to live with it, whatever it means. Could be worse, though. I could have quoted Wham! or something.

(Apologies in advance if *you* quoted Wham! No offense intended, really.)

have a good day everyone!