Right now, at a hospital in the mountains of North Carolina, my friend Hannah is in labor. Go Hannah!!!!!!!!!

(I am thinking good, positive thoughts for her. And hoping she gets that epidural soon.)

Meanwhile, things are slightly less exciting here. I’ve been in one of my uber-reclusive modes, which I go into every now and then. It’s amazing to me how much time I can spend alone and not even notice. I come from a long line of women who have made an art of puttering: moving around the house, doing little things here and there, tackling projects, checking things off To Do lists. I am in major putter mode these days. I have little stacks of things here and there, papers to grade, letters to answer, recipes to try, clothes to fold, and I work an orbit around them all, doing one thing at a time. I always seem to get like this right as the holidays, and cold weather, approach. I keep seeing squirrels in my neighborhood, dashing across the street (always RIGHT in front of your car, necessitating a slamming on of brakes) with acorns in their mouths, stocking up for winter, and I think it’s sort of the same thing. Instead of hoarding nuts, though, I’m saving up little accomplishments, for those long winter days where it seems like everything is in slow motion.


I am also feeling a strong pull towards the Gap today. Maybe to stock up on sweaters? Could be…

have a good day everyone!