The wind is blowing so hard here it is howling around my house. Literally! Howling. On the way home from campus, at every intersection the traffic lights were swinging. So bizarre.

This morning, I gave money to a man who was standing in the median at an intersection. I don’t normally do this—I donate to the Interfaith Council, which runs the shelter here in town instead—but something about this guy made me give today. First he was young: like the age of my students, maybe a little older. And his sign said something like: Sometimes we all need a little help. Which, really, I couldn’t argue with.

*looks out window*

Jeez. I keep expecting Dorothy and Toto to crash land somewhere in my front yard at any moment.

In other news, I saw Dar Williams on the Ellen Show yesterday. She was singing with a group called The Songwriters (I think that’s what they were called): Dar, Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Patti Griffith. I *think* it was Patty Griffith, anyway. She looked really skinny and strange. Maybe I have her confused with someone else. Anyway, it was so nice to see Dar on national TV. I found myself channelling AnnaMo: Dar! Dar! Dar! I wish she could have been the lead vocal on something. But just seeing her was good.

My dog is now barking loudly from outside…I think he’s afraid of the wind. I can’t really blame him. One gust and he might be airborne. Better go downstairs.

have a good day everyone!