Good morning.

So last night, I saw a mouse in my laundry room. Now, I’ve had a feeling we had a mouse. Saw some evidence (to be vague about it) heard some rustling the other night, which stopped, quickly, when I approached the pantry. But it wasn’t until last night, when my husband and I were standing in the laundry room and he opened the pantry, and I saw this little grey thing rush past, that it really hit me. And I shrieked. Loudly. Like a little girl (SO embarassing, really.) Shrieked and RAN, I might add, out into the kitchen, while my husband stood there saying “What? What happened? What is it?” The dogs were all barking madly, it was chaos. All for a tiny little mouse. And today, I have to go buy traps. Is that any way to start the week?

(And before you say it, let me tell you I have tried the humane traps, the ones that capture the mouse and then you put it back into the wild. I bought one years ago, the first time I had this problem. The guy at the store said, “I’ll see you in a couple of days, when you’re back for the real thing.” How rude, thought I, as I went home and put peanut butter in my little humane trap, waited for it to work. Never caught a mouse. But everything in my cupboard proceeded to be shredded and excreted upon (gross, I know) so I did go back for the real traps. Nothing quite like laying in bed at night, on the verge of sleep, and hearing this loud SNAP! from the other side of the house. *shudder* Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it, to be honest.)

Meanwhile, did anyone watch the American Music Awards last night? Of course they started with Britney, she’s been everywhere, but I have to say one of my favorite parts was Pink just sitting there singing, with only a guitar to accompany her. Jimmy Kimmel said something afterwards about how it’s always surprising when someone can actually sing, and I thought, wow, that’s so sad, but true. I have Pink’s last album and it’s actually really good (great treadmill music, I might add). Might have to buy this one, too. And of course Clay Aiken won something after I went to bed, so good for him. Or, “Raleigh’s Own Clay Aiken” as I like to call him, as every news station calls him here. He’s the marshal of the Christmas Parade this year. Who says we’re not big time?

(Okay, everyone. But whatever.)

Now it’s Monday, and I am looking at a crazy week. Errands, school, editing, a trip. Oh, and mousetraps. Right.

have a good day everyone!