Is is just me, or is Britney Spears taking over the world? Yesterday, it seemed like she was on every single channel: dancing on ABC, getting a Hollywood star, on the front cover of my Entertainment Weekly magazine (with a picture inside, by the contents, that was jaw-droppingly revealing, good GRACIOUS). I suppose the fact that I respond by saying Good Gracious makes me somewhat out of the target audience for this onslaught, i.e. old and fuddy-duddy esque. Although I try not to think of myself that way.

It’s a weird thing. On the one hand I feel for her, because it seems like she can’t go anywhere or do anything, and everyone’s always up in her face, and the tabloids have a field day if she just breathes wrong. But on the other hand, can you really complain about losing your privacy when you show pretty much your entire body in magazine after magazine? It’s got to be a hard balance to keep. But clearly she is intriguing: I mean, I’m writing about her, right? Me and the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, it’s Tuesday. We have about 5 classes left and then the semester is over. OVER! And then I get a flier in my mailbox today that says, oh so cheerfully, Spring Semester Begins in Eight Weeks! Like this is a good thing? Bianca has this thing she always says to me when I complain about how fast time is passing: whatever I say, like, can you believe Christmas is so close, she’ll sigh and say, “It’s over. It’s already over!” Or, can you believe I’m going to be (gulp) 34 this summer, “It’s over! You already are!” I kind of like this idea, that time is all warped and happening at lightening speed. It makes it seem less imperative that I get everything done super duper quickly. I mean, I COULD worry about what I’m going to make for Thanksgiving, but why? Say it with me: “It’s already over!” In my mind, it’s already summer. Or maybe next fall.


have a good day everyone!