So I’m at the Wal-Mart yesterday (yay suburbia!) pushing my cart, overwhelmed as usual. We have this new Super Wal Mart here, which means it has everything in your typical Wal-Mart PLUS a grocery store. I mean, really. I get in a total daze when I go in there, I swear. I think they do it on purpose. My eyes glaze over and it’s all I can do to just walk, right to the DVD section.

I swear, they have the BEST prices on DVDs at Wal-Mart, but the selection isn’t great. Which is why I was so happy when I was passing by a display and saw The Best of Will Ferrell staring out at me, priced at a low $14.44. I LOVE Will Ferrell, which I think I’ve already mentioned this week. I told my students I would watch him read the dictionary, he’s just that funny to me. So last night, after dinner, while my husband was reading the new Harry Potter (he will NOT put it down, I wish he was ever this excited about my books, but that’s another story altogether) I popped in the DVD and laughed myself sick for about an hour. The best part was how other people in the cast always start laughing, but Will Ferrell just doesn’t, even when he just looks so ridiculous/disgusting/naked. He is so awesome.

I also saw that Bruce Almighty is coming out next week, a movie I LOVED last summer. Now I know what I can do after Thanksgiving dinner, when I’m stuffed and sleepy. Or as Bruce would say, “It’s good. It’s goooood.

(I really need to curb my DVD purchasing habits. It’s like an addiction, I swear. Some people buy shoes. I buy movies.)

And of course How to Deal comes out December 9th, which is so totally exciting. I’m hard at work trying to score myself a free copy. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? (See, I’m curbing my habit already. Ah, progress!)

have a good day everyone….