Jackie Taylor
You used to be a fast-lane cokehead drunk, but
you’re settling into motherhood, sobriety and
being ‘a certain age.’ You are Jackie Taylor.

Which second-string ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ character are you?
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I’m heading out of town to do a talk, but before I go I just could not RESIST. Remember when Jackie married Mel, making Kelly and David step-siblings? Remember when Mel cheated on her? Remember when Carol found out Jackie was a cokehead, at the mother-daughter fashion show?

I know people say The O.C. is the new 90210, but I just can’t get into it. It’s too broody. 90210 never took itself that seriously, and even when they tried to deal with Issues they always did it just cheesily (is that a word?) enough that you were still rolling your eyes, even if you were Moved and Affected.


Wish me luck tonight, I’m a keynote speaker. Yikes!

have a good day everyone…