To reiterate: I love this holiday. But the days leading up to it? Stress-full!

I had big plans for this afternoon after I left campus. Errands to run, fun stuff to buy. But as soon as I hit the road and started trying to get places, I realized something: everyone was so cranky! I think people are all either a) about to leave town and rushing around trying to get everything together or b) have people coming to town and are rushing around trying to get everything together. Everywhere I went it was the same: beeping horns, raised fists, terrible driving, under-breath grumbling. People, where’s that holiday spirit? After I got cut off/had someone pull out in front of me/cut in front of me in line for the third time or so, I decided to bag the entire thing and just go home.

Before I gave up, though, I bought Bruce Almighty on DVD and pimiento cheese spread. Happy happy joy joy. Maybe I should have just shared these things with the community at large and everyone would have been in a better mood. You never know. I DO have to go out tomorrow, to the mall no less. So I’ll keep it in mind.

have a good afternoon everyone!