You know I love Luke Perry. LOVE him. But this, this is just wrong . I just can’t see him as Harry, no matter who plays Sally. In fact, I can’t see anyone but Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in those roles. Again: it’s wrong. Wrong!

In other news, yesterday I was at the Wal Mart, waiting for the woman by the front door to check my receipt (as they do these days) when I happened to glance to my right. There, on a huge display (about as tall as me) was a big poster for the the DVD release of How to Deal. I swear, it startled me. Just wasn’t prepared for it. But a week from today, it goes on sale. If you pick it up, or rent it, on the included documentary on YA fiction you can see the national superstar debut of my dog Scout, as she does her own personal, riveting interpretation of Walking on the Leash to the Mailbox. It’s very impressive.

(Oh, and I’m in it too. So is Meg Cabot, who wrote the Princess Diaries. But around these parts, we’re most excited about seeing Scout. She’s such a diva!)

have a good day everyone…..