Woo-hoo, so my Tarheels won last night. All hail Roy Williams!

There was a time when I was obsessed with Carolina basketball. I mean OBSESSED. I had every single game on my calendar, knew the stats for even the most dinky pre-season games (like when we’d play Immaculata School for Girls, or whatever) and would have stomachache all day long on the days we had to play Duke. All of this was great, but it took a toll. I am already a nervous person, and the stress of big games didn’t help. When I quit working at the restaurant, and began at Carolina, my fanatic tendencies dropped back a bit. I still watched the games, and cheered loudly, but I wasn’t quite so crazy. Now, I can barely stay *awake* for the games (how pathetic is that?) but I still love my Tar Heels. We’ve had a rough couple of years, but now Roy Williams is here coaching and I feel good about things. Fingers crossed, anyway.

(For an example of the level of love for basketball around these parts: every year, the English Department decorates a Christmas tree in the main office. This year, it’s covered with ornaments, but ones you notice first are little pictures of all the basketball players, cut off of the 2003-2004 season poster. And who’s at the top, by the angel? Roy, of course.)

Basketball is one wonderful thing to look forward to in the winter, which seems full on us right now. They’re calling for flurries tomorrow night. A month ago or so, we were hit with the worst ice storm in recent memory. Oh, please, let us just get a couple of flakes. Please please please?

Thank you.

have a good day everyone!