What a whirlwind. In the last forty-eight hours or so, I

—finished my last day of classes, took up papers, ate gingerbread with my students
—went straight to the airport, where I fortified myself with a glass of wine before
—flying to Florida, where I went directly to a party with a huge group of wonderful Penguin sales reps and then
—collapsed for about six hours of sleep before
—getting up, checking out of the hotel, giving a speech, hanging out with my fabulous editor and more wonderful reps before
—leaving for the airport, having another glass of wine and
—flying home.

Last night, I was so exhausted I was delerious. Seriously. My husband kept laughing and telling me to just go to sleep.

Florida was amazing. I left here on a morning when it had been sleeting, and the next morning I was walking on a beautiful beach under a bright, HOT sun. Crazy. It was so great to see so many of the reps that are really responsible for my books getting into so many stores and for the great year we had with How to Deal and eveything else. This summer, This Lullaby will be out in paperback, along with all my previous books, all with new, summer-themed covers. They look great. And then the new book will be out as well. It’s all so exciting, but it didn’t seem real until I finally got to see it all up close.

In honor of all this, I figure it’s at least time to tell you all the title of the new book. It’s called The Truth About Forever, and it should be in stores on May 10th. Watch this space (well, website) for more details!

Before I go, I have to confess that I was terrified to fly on this trip. I’m not the best flier, and I’d gotten really anxious about it lately. But I refused to let the fear rule me (as I have done before) and I did it. Yay brave! But I was oh so happy when we touched down last night: I could feel myself exhale, big time.

Now I head full-on into Christmas. Okay, maybe I’ll take day off first. Or two. Sounds good…

have a great day everyone!