This is the last day I have lists of Stuff to Do. Yesterday was Looooong, the day before even longer. I am aching for an open, empty afternoon with nothing to do, so I can just lay in bed and read Us magazine. Soon. Soon!

Speaking of celebrities, hasn’t there been just a bunch of news in the last couple of days? Gwyneth is pregnant. Gwyneth is married! Ozzy is on too many painkillers (was that really news to anyone?). Ozzy is in a four-wheeling accident. Bobby and Whitney have a scuffle. Trista and Ryan get married. Jen and Andrew break up (again, was that exactly shocking? Are these things really *supposed* to last?).

I’ve always been a little embarassed by how much I know about celebrity culture. I mean, it would be much better if I knew the equivalent amount of information about world history, say, or quantum physics (which I just had the hardest time even spelling, so that’s probably a bit of a longshot). I tell myself that it does come in handy at cocktail parties, or during Who Wants To Be A Millionare (I would be the perfect lifeline for that tough question about J. Lo or Cher.) But I still will put my Newsweeks front and center on the coffee table, maybe a Vanity Fair, and bury the Us Weeklys, EWs, People, etc, underneath them.

But you know what happens? The minute someone sits down on the couch, they might glance at the Newsweek, flip through the Vanity Fair, but the minute they see Cameron and Justin on the cover of Us, or whatever, they grab it. It doesn’t matter who they are, even if they ARE experts on world history or quantum physics (okay, so none of my friends really fall into those categories, exactly, but you get the idea). So maybe it isn ‘t just me.

Okay. I feel better now.

have a great day everyone!