Twice this week I’ve been told that I look like someone else. This happens to me a lot, actually: I have a sort of universal face, I think. People are always mistaking me for other people, or telling me they’re sure they met me in some city or state where I’ve never been. On Wednesday, I was wearing my glasses, and the girl at this coffee shop told me I looked just like Lisa Loeb. Hmmm. Then yesterday, at the bagel shop, the woman behind the counter asked me if I had a sister, or cousin, that worked at the hospital. I said no. She seemed skeptical, like maybe I was lying to her. Then she said that this woman, who looks just like me, is really mean, but she used to be nice, but now she takes drugs and she’s mean. Then she imitated the woman’s mean face, while I felt somewhat guilty and responsible, although I have no idea why. This went on for awhile, until I finally pulled myself away, but not before reiterating, again, that I *am* a nice person, not a mean, drug-taking person.


Meanwhile, yesterday I went to Raleigh to the Wade Edwards Learning Lab, where I spoke to a bunch of students from Broughton High School. There was a good turnout, a large crowd—although I think it may have had more to do with the free pizza afterwards than my words of wisdom. But whatever. I was happy regardless. So thanks to everyone that came and asked questions. I appreciated it!

Finally, I want to say that I love New Line Cinema. They are just great. They sent me three (three!) copies of the How to Deal DVD, so now I can give one to my mother and a few other folks. Yes!

Now I’m off to run errands, buy some food for the food drive, and, after a busy week month fall, finally slow down. Hopefully.

have a good day everyone….