Today, for your Monday, two things I have lately found myself slightly obsessed with. (Can you be slightly obsessed? Anyway. I digress.)

First is something I’ve mentioned here before: Cake. The band. Before I got ITunes, I only knew about two of their songs, that “Going the Distance” one, which was always sort of annoying, and “Never There,” which I liked a lot, although I could never remember who sang it. When I got ITunes, though, I went and looked them up and sure enough, there were lots of songs, and I swear I am now totally addicted. My top two, as of today, are “Stickshifts and Safety Belts” and “Sad Songs and Waltzes.” Just so great. This weekend I also downloaded “Love You Madly” and “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” Does anybody know anything about this band? Are they even still making music? Inquiring minds want to know.

My other new fixation is slightly less—okay, a lot less—hip, but I still can’t help myself. It’s this daytime reality show called Starting Over. Basically, it’s like the Real World, except a) it’s all women, of all ages, not just telegenic twenty-somethings and b) the idea is that they come to the house with a goal, something they want to improve or change about themselves, and there are life coaches and all sorts of people to help them. It sounds kind of hokey, and at times it is, but it’s also really compelling. I’m *all* wrapped up in these people’s lives now, especially the young Mormon P.J., who is questioning her faith AND trying to lose a few pounds. What more can you ask for at eleven in the morning?

(Although, as a disclaimer, I must say I don’t WATCH it at 11 am. I Tivo it, of course!)

Finally, before I go, a question, also reality-show related: did Sorority Life end? Did I miss it? What happened? I don’t remember a “last episode” where they wrapped things up, but now it’s just gone, with no shows scheduled anytime soon (according to Tivo, anyway.) If anybody has any info about this, again, inquiring minds are waiting. Or one mind is, anyway.

*reads over entry*

This is one of those days that I think to myself, I am just so shallow and I watch too much TV. I mean, I remember when I was disgusted with reality programming, full-out sick of it. And now look at me. It’s like aliens have taken me over. I guess it’s one of those if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em kind of things. But does that really make it right?

I will leave you with that deep question. Mull over it, or don’t. You know, whatever you feel like doing.

have a good day everyone!