Yesterday, during my Day, I went to see Something’s Gotta Give, with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I have to say, this was a good movie. I enjoyed it. But I would not call it GREAT, if only because I felt like it went on about a half hour too long, like they weren’t sure exactly how to finish it, so they just tacked on all this stuff. Sort of annoying. But the popcorn was good, and Diane Keaton was excellent.

One other thing about this movie that was notable: Keanu Reaves is back. I mean, back from playing Neo in the Matrix, a movie that bugged me, back from playing other weird roles I can’t handle him in, and back to being just drop-dead gorgeous and funny. Yes! I am not a Matrix fan (as anyone who reads this journal regularly knows, nor am I a LOTR fan, although I did stand in line to buy tickets for the 11 am showing today for my husband and his co-workers, am I not a good wife?) and I sort of forgot, in the last couple of years, that Keanu was once cute and charming instead of monotone and apocalyptic. But he was! And in this movie, he is. Seriously.


Today it is raining, one of those dark, gray days where you just want to get back into bed. But no. After my Day, I am energized. Ready to take on the world. (Okay, maybe not the WORLD, but some parts of it, like the bank and the post office.)

have a good day everyone!