happy 2004!

Yes, I’m back, after a bit of an extended hiatus, during which I hung out with my family, saw some movies, hosted two parties and a New Years crabcake bonanza, and caught up on my sleep. All in all, a great holiday. And now a new year.

Frankly, a lot of the last couple of weeks seems like a blur. I was printing out my pictures from everything last night and it’s like, oh, right, that happened too! I feel like I rushed merrily and happily through the holidays, but now I want to slow down and actually try to enjoy fully this coming year. We’ll see how it goes.

I saw Mona Lisa Smile a few days back, and I have to say it wasn’t AS bad as everyone had said, although it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be either. Sort of fell flat at the end, in my opinion, although the clothes were fantastic. (I guess if that’s the best thing you can say, it’s not so good.) I also got the new Sex and the City DVD, which I’m slowly beginning to work my way through, as well as the first season of The Kids in the Hall, which I ordered for my husband as a Christmas present. We used to watch it on HBO, years ago: I LOVE that show. We’ve been cracking ourselves up on a regular basis watching it. Highly recommended, although I think it’s not in stores for another month or two. I also finally saw Adaptation, which was as good as everyone said it was, if not better. And how often does that happen?

I still want to see Cold Mountain (which I heard is great, but the two hour forty five minute running time is scaring me off), maybe Big Fish again when it comes out next week (to catch all the little things I missed the first time). Also next week: Mandy Moore’s new movie! Might have to check it out, just for old time’s sake.

Other excitement around here: yesterday, my dog caught a mouse. Yes. My dog. Who says you need cats? I was in the bedroom and heard this weird yelp, then bark, and when I went in he was standing over this dead mouse. We got it away from him, and my husband took the mouse outside to dispose of it. He put it out in the yard, then was fully shocked to see it suddenly come to life and run away, not dead at all. It’s probably back inside already, in fact, shredding its way through the pantry. Oh, well.

That’s about it for updates and excitement. Like I said, I’m going for calm, slow and steady this year. Before I go, though, I want to thank everyone for their kind holiday wishes, and well as all the nice comments left in my guestbook over the last couple of weeks. I really appreciate it, more than you know. I can’t always get back to everyone, but I read every single word. I swear.

have a great day everyone!