Welcome to the *real* start of the New Year, the day everyone—or just about everyone—heads back to work. Are you ready, or what?

I enjoyed the last night of what felt like vacation by finally getting to sit down with my new Sex and the City DVD and watching the first four episodes, back to back, which then transitioned so nicely into the brand new episode at nine last night. It’s bittersweet, I have to say. I’m glad there are new shows, but it’s OVER in about seven more episodes, right? How sad is that? Watching the ones from last season I feel like this show is still really strong, and I hate to see it go. But better to go out well, I suppose, than squeeze every sad bit of originality from a concept until nobody cares anymore. Last night’s episode was good, I thought, although Blair Underwood sort of creeped me out. Guess they weren’t quite sure what to do with him…..

Meanwhile, Friends goes off the air this spring as well. What will I have left that I actually like? Will and Grace, I guess. But that’s about it. I need some new shows to watch. Or, actually, maybe I don’t. MAYBE, I should devote my time to great works of literature, and art appreciation. Yep. That’s gonna happen.

In other news, I have to take a second to vent and say how much I HATE the new Amazon search function.

*begin rant*

If you type in an author’s name, instead of getting the books they’ve actually written, you get every book that’s ever mentioned them, ever. Which means if you type in my name, you get a couple of my books, then a couple of books where, on the first page or two, I’m listed with other authors as other Suggested Titles You Might Enjoy, or whatever. I know there’s an advanced search way to circumvent this, but it’s a pain in the butt. Am I alone in feeling this way? I don’t think so. It should at least be set up so that if I type in “Stephen King,” all the books he has personally written come up first, followed by every other freaking little time his name has appeared in print. Is this too much to ask? Is it?

*end rant*

Okay, I feel better now. Speaking of books, I’ll answer yet again the question that has been posed to me a lot lately, that I should, now that I think of it, add to my FAQ page: When’s the new book coming out? That would be MAY 10th, or therabouts. Also, This Lullaby will be out in paperback in April, and all of my other books will be re-released with new, gorgeous summer-themed covers that just look so fabulous I can’t even stand it. I’m going to try and get cover images so I can show you guys…I think you’ll really like them. I also have a story in a collection that has been put together by the awesome Megan McCafferty, which I believe will be out in late May, entitled Sixteen: Stories About that Sweet and Bitter Birthday. So there you have it. A new year, new books….all new!

have a great day everyone….