So: Britney’s marriage is already annulled. This whole story is sort of insane, isn ‘t it? I decided on principle not to discuss it yesterday, but then I heard that it was part of the CNN news crawl (along with Afghanistan? and Homeland Security? And the Crocodile Hunter’s unrepentant attitude towards dangling his baby at a huge predator?). I mean, really. It’s just so Ross and Rachel, isn’t it? Vegas. Partying. Marrying. Oh, goodness. But if you’re Britney, don’t you think you probably have *someone* near you that might say, “Um, maybe you don’t want to do this? Because, um, it’s not like they’re going to keep it a secret? Um, Britney?”

I know that the stories say she wasn’t incapacitated. But I’m not convinced. I can fully imagine her having a little buzz on, a couple of drinks, and that impulsiveness sets in. Doesn’t she have girlfriends, though, like I had during my wilder days, that would say, “Okay, so you want to get married, that’s GREAT. Let’s go get some waffles, though, and then if you still want to do it it after that, we’ll do it. Agreed?” And you know the urge would pass, hopefully, and all of this drama—and this guy from Lousiana’s sudden celebrity, the new Cris Judd—would never happen. I guess we’ll never know why she did it. Maybe that, she’ll manage to keep under wraps.

In other news, yesterday it was seventy-something here and now it’s freezing and they’re calling for flurries at the end of the week. Welcome to January!

have a good day everyone….