It is so freaking cold here today. The low tonight is supposed to be 19 degrees. This is the South! What happened to our temperate winters?

(I guess I shouldn’t complain. I *could* be living in International Falls, Minnesota, where it is currently—I am not joking—minus four degrees, with a projected high of 14. Brrrrrrrrrr.)

Meanwhile, I’m having to come to grips with my addiction to Starting Over, which only got worse over the holidays. My husband now officially HATES this show, and it’s especially painful for him because it’s on five days a week an hour a day. That’s a lot of Women Bettering Themselves While Facing Challenges. He’s only slightly more tolerant of Dr. Phil, which I’m also too into lately, if only because his show is all about telling people to get their butts off the couch, stop watching so much TV, and go out and better themselves. Maybe I should listen to Dr. Phil and give up Starting Over. Or maybe not.

You know, the same people do Starting Over that do Real World and Road Rules. It’s like a natural progression: when you’re younger, you want the sort of drama that involves roomate catfights, naked hot tub jaunts, and people bungee jumping. When you get a little older, you want roomate catfights, women dealing with their Issues with life coaches, and middle aged women trying to get in touch with their sexuality. I’m not sure this is a good thing, that I’ve made this progression. Doesn’t Real World San Diego start soon?

have a good day everyone….