They predicted flurries. Barely a dusting. Well, we got a bit more than that, even if it is just a couple of inches. Still, it’s enough for that trademark North Carolina complete shutdown in the face of winter weather: school closed, everyone holed up at home, eating Cheetos. (Okay, maybe that’s just us. It IS our bad weather tradition, Cheetos. It’s like we just have to have them, like blankets and candles and boots.)

I have to say, looking out at it, that it’s just so pretty. And I’m always happy for an excuse to stay home and do nothing but eat and sleep, like I’m actually PREVENTED from being productive. Very nice.

I do hope, however, that things clear up by tomorrow or Sunday so I can go to the movies. Big Fish comes out today, and it’s great, I know that because I got to see it early, but then there’s also Chasing Liberty, starring our very own Mandy Moore. (Okay, she’s not OUR Mandy, but we like to claim her anyway.) I am also lucky enough to claim a connection to Daniel Wallace, who wrote the book Big Fish is based on, so it’s like six (or one?) degrees of separation at the multiplex for me this weekend. Yes, I know you are impressed.

*looks out window*

I swear, snow is just so calming. I mean, if you don’t have to worry about driving in it, or shovelling it, or walking through it. Then, not so great.
It’s 9:28. Too early for Cheetos? I think not.

have a good day everyone!