Ah, Monday.

This weekend I wanted to see two movies, but only got to one: Chasing Liberty. I have to say I thought it was very cute, as was the boy who played the love interest, very very cute actually. Great scenery, some funny lines, a story that makes sense, with a beginning, middle, end: what else do you want in a chick flick? I never got to Cold Mountain, and my motivation is waning. I’m hoping this won’t be another Oscar season where I haven’t seen the movie that wins a lot of the awards (I never saw The Hours last year, and saw Chicago on the day OF the awards) but unless I get myself psyched up for three hours of Civil War drama, it could happen. Maybe it would be better if I thought of it as three hours of Jude Law? Ah, yes. Much nicer.

Meanwhile, Sex and the City is winding down. Last night’s episode was better than last week’s, in my opinion, with lots of Big Moments (which I will not reveal, as undoubtedly someone has Tivoed it to watch tonight, and I don’t want to be a spoiler). Last night’s show was especially good because I actually got to watch it with my friends Courtney and Shelly, who love the show and gasp and swoon and snicker in all the right places, unlike my husband, who I usually watch it with, who only tolerates and occasionally makes sighing noises. I can’t believe there are only six episodes left. It’s not fair!

Okay, so it’s too early in the week to be pouting. Moving on.

It was so freaking freezing here this weekend—single digits, unheard of for this part of the country—that I intend to go out today and embrace the balmy, summer-like highs in the fifties. I am trying to be a good sport about winter this year, but please, January and February, just move along okay? Don’t dawdle, nothing to see here, keep it moving, keep it moving. That’s right. On your way. Thank you.

have a good day everyone!