Late entry for me today: long day!

However, in the midst of said long-ness, I did witness a very nice act of good karma I feel compelled to share. I was at lunch today, eating some sushi, and there was a woman at a nearby table who was also eating alone. When she finished, she went up to pay her bill and there was some problem with her credit card. It had been cancelled, but she thought she’d remedied the problem, and the cashier called the bank, and she had to talk to them. All this in a pretty small restaurant where everyone can basically hear the conversation. The woman got very emotional, arguing with the bank, and then, when they basically said her card wasn’t going to work, it was a problem on her end, she started crying. Which was just so awful. I was just sitting there, feeling so bad for her, when this guy at another table jumped up and went over to the cashier and gave her his card, saying he’d pay the woman’s bill. Which is just thought was so NICE, I couldn’t even believe it. And then he patted the woman on the shoulder, so sweetly, and went back to his lunch.


Sometimes the world redeems itself, right before your eyes. And at lunch, no less.

that’s all for today.

have a good evening everyone….