So here’s a question for your Wednesday. Where’s Britney?

Really. Where is she? She hasn’t been seen since the whole wedding thing: not a picture in the paper, not even a snapshot of her going to the mailbox, or walking out of Starbucks. Sure, she was on MTV last night, Making the Video, but that was pre-taped. I haven’t seen anything about her since the whole Vegas thing. Is she underground? With Dick Cheney in some secret undisclosed location? What’s going on?


What’s really sad is that I even think about things like this. I mean, honestly.

I do feel that I am getting increasingly shallow. Witness, if you will, what I watched on TV last night: Starting Over, The Simple Life Reunion, America’s Next Top Model. Ugh. I feel so ashamed. Does it count that I only watched some of the Simple Life, and cut off the Model show halfway? Sadly, I think not. I’m telling you, it’s all PBS for me for the rest of the week. I’m going on a the TV equivalent of the Atkins Diet: no more fluffy, useless carb-like shows. I need protein! Real, meaningful shows! Yes!

I will report back on my progress. I promise.

have a good day everyone!