So am I the only one who is wondering whether seeing Along Came Polly will be WORTH the full-on, grossed-out, oh-how-embarassing cringe that I’ll be suffering throughout it? It looks funny, yes. Love Ben Stiller. Love Jennifer Aniston. (Love her!) But it just looks so…oh, God, like I’ll be covering my eyes the entire time, unable to even watch it’s just so horrifying. I felt this way during Meet The Parents, too. Maybe I’m too anxious for that sort of movie. Or too empathetic? That sounds better, anyway.

Meanwhile, my TV pledge didn’t last that long. In fact, I actually caved and watched most of The O.C. last night, even though I’d decided I didn’t even like that show, but of course then last night I get sucked in and watch the whole thing.

*hangs head in shame*

But really, could they copy 90210 any more? First, there’s the broody, Dylan McKay character, played by an actor seemingly capable of only one expression. Now we have a character with rich parents who lives in a hotel. What’s next? A virgin? Sideburns? Steve Sanders?

(However, here’s an interesting How to Deal/O.C. Connection. Besides Peter Gallagher being in both, the costume designer, Alexandra Welker, is the same. I met her in Toronto and she is so nice and cute—and, naturally, a great dresser—so I’m really happy for her.)

Can you tell I was having trouble coming up with anything interesting to say today? Oh, well. I tried.

have a good day everyone!