During an exchange with my cousin Benandlosers yesterday, I found myself having to explain what, exactly, North Carolina barbecue is. It’s harder than it seems, actually. Basically, barbecue here is a noun, rather than the more commonly known verb. Usage:

“Let’s have some people over to barbecue!” (verb)

“Let’s have people over to eat some barbecue!” (noun).

In the first case, the food in question is stuff you’d cook on a grill: hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. In the second, it’s chopped, roasted pork, seasoned with this vinegar-based sauce, preferably served on a bun with cole slaw and a hot sauce, or maybe just on a plate with some good sides, like macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and the like, as you see here . Okay, so it doesn’t look all that impressive. But let me tell you: it’s GOOOOOOD.

(And if there’s anyone else out there who wants to take a shot at describing it better than I have here—which shouldn’t be hard to do—feel free. Really.)

In other news, it’s really cold here today, which prompted me to show you another new cover. This one is actually my favorite of all of them:

My husband says it reminds him of the cover of a Rolling Stones album. What do you think?

have a good day everyone….