Well, it’s a freaking winter wonderland here today. Yesterday, we had snow start at about ten a.m., and it switched over sleet and freezing rain in the evening. Today, they’re calling for a second system to move through, which could dump a quarter to a half an inch of ice. Lovely, yes?

(I am just praying we don’t lose power, as I am still suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome from last year’s ice storm.)

Meanwhile, last night I settled in front of the TV for one of my very favorite things: the Golden Globe Awards. Fun and irreverant as always, although I did miss a couple of big wins because I had to flip over for Sex and The City at 9, the flip back to catch the rest. I have to say a big moment for me was when Renee Zellweger won, and the first person she thanked was Charles Frazier, who wrote Cold Mountain. How cool is that? That a writer even gets acknowledged, but first? And Peter Jackson made a special mention of Tolkien in his speech. Since the reputation is that authors as a rule get treated like crap in Hollywood (not my experience, but whatever) it’s a nice thing to see proof otherwise.

And I loved that Renee won, even if I didn’t see that movie yet. And I loved that Sofia Coppola won, even though I haven’t seen HER movie yet, either, but everyone was so cruel to her when she was in Godfather Three and now they’re all just tripping over themselves praising her. She’s gotta be loving that.

Meanwhile, all that’s on TV now is excited local news anchors, freaking out about the storm. They keep showing clips of cars crashing into each other on local highways while talking about how we’re in a STATE OF EMERGENCY and the NATIONAL GUARD has been called in. This sort of hysteria is somewhat unsettling, I think. Yesterday they were all pumped up before anything had even happened: “Here’s a live shot of Durham, folks. No precipitation falling here, yet, but ooooh, it looks cold, doesn’t it?” This went on for hours.

As for me, I am in preparation mode: I charged my laptop, my phone, made sure the flashlights have batteries, and doubled checked that we have an ample supply of Cheetos. Now, all I can do is wait.

have a good day everyone!