Okay, so even though I am married, and am *supposed* to marry Ashton Kutcher (see previous entry), I am now harboring a bit of a crush on someone else: Jon Stewart. I’ve only recently started watching the Daily Show on a regular basis, and now I think I just couldn’t do without it. I think Jon Stewart can say more with a raised eyebrow or one look than most people can in entire paragraphs. I just love him. I really do.


Another thing I love: The Super Bowl. Okay, that’s a lie. What I love is actually the FOOD that goes along with watching the Super Bowl. And the commercials. The game, well, you know, okay, sure. Super Bowl Sunday is the one time every year that I really allow myself to consider Velveeta an important gourmet ingredient: I make that dip, where you melt it, then add salsa, stir it all in together. Yummm. A few years back my friend Mike made a variation for his Super Bowl contribution: Velveeta, melted, with browned sausage added to it. It was really good…for about four bites. When you felt like you just might explode. Not fun.

All of this is to say that I like my dip, but we’re going to a party on Sunday where we’ve been specifically told to bring “Real Super Bowl Food.” So I’m looking for suggestions, and of course I come to you, because I always get good ideas from you. Do you have a great recipe for chicken wings? Bean dip? Nachos? Something involving Velveeta? If so, let me know. I would love it. Maybe not as much as Jon Stewart. But still.

have a good day everyone!