So the Superbowl is over. And it was a very exciting finish, the field goal, so close. But what will we all remember?

Janet Jackson being exposed on (inter)national television. Forget that really inspriational Ali/Linux commercial. Forget that field goal that guy from the Patriots kicked under more pressure than any of us will probably EVER feel in our entire lives. Nope. It’s all about Janet and her boob.

Now, when I first saw it, I did think it was an accident. But reflecting back (and how sad is it that I’m doing THAT?) it does seem staged. I mean, her shirt did rip Just So, and if you look at the picture in the above link, their reactions are very, “Oh, gracious! Now would you look at that!”-esque, at least to me. Is it mere coincidence that Janet has a new single coming out today, which will certainly benefit from this sort of ahem, exposure? I think not. All I know is, when CBS was flaunting a “surprise guest” at the halftime show, I didn’t know that they meant this.

But oh, well. Wasn’t that final kick something? And I was rooting for Carolina. But I still had to be impressed.

Meanwhile, on a more literary note (and we need it, don’t we?) I want to take a moment to thank Michael from Achuka for picking my website as their site of the week. Kind words about this journal (which, if you are reading it for the first time, I swear is not always about such base topics as the one discussed above) and my site itself, which I much appreciate.

Now, I have to go work off all those chips, chili and pizza I ate last night during the game. The treadmill beckons….

have a good day everyone!