Another long Thursday, another late entry. What can I do….

Well, my favorite American Idol contestant got booted last night, Scooter Girl. I really liked her, just because she was different: slightly loopy, always interesting, you just knew she has a STORY, you know what I mean? And then they told her she was too crazy looking, so she drabbed herself down, and then they told her she was boring and cut her. Honestly. There’s a lesson there, I think. Sometimes a little nutty will take you a long way. Although I may just be saying that because I feel a little nutty right now. But whatever.

In other news, tonight is the first UNC-Duke matchup since Roy Williams came back to my wonderful alma mater and current place of work to save us all from basketball mediocrity. Oh, I used to be such a nervous wreck on days that we played Duke: I was a total rabid fan, took it all so much to heart. I’ve calmed down a bit since then. But I still think it’s going to be a kickass game. It’s a great tradition. Even when one team isn’t so good overall, the matchup is always incredible. Also: stressful, nail-biting worthy, heart-palpitation inducing. But incredible. If you like basketball at all, I encourage you to tune in, 9pm, CBS. You won’t be sorry.

have a good day everyone. Go Heels!