Good Morning.

Today, I am recovering from the double whammy of the Grammys and Sex and the City. When did Sunday nights get so exciting? My friend Courtney came over, and we sat and Discussed the performances and outfits. Then we flipped over to HBO for Sex, which is just getting too too sad lately for me. Two more episodes left? And not even a preview of next week? They are keeping us guessing.

Frankly, I think in the wake of the whole Janet thing the Grammys were a little boring. It’s like after a family blowout, when everyone is suddenly on their best behavior, all pleases and thankyous. Sure, it’s nice, but after a little while you start wishing something would happen to liven things up a bit. It was great to see “Purple Rain,” though—total junior high school flashback—and I’m glad Outkast won. On the whole, though, a little flat for my taste. But whatever.

Meanwhile, on Friday I went to the bank in the morning, en route to an appointment. Deposited a check. Got out to my car, realized how I was running late, had to be somewhere at 11, it was 10:50 or so. So I bolted to my appointment, only to watch the news later that night and find out that my bank, that very bank, was robbed at “around 11 am” that day. So I missed it by about ten minutes, if that. A very creepy feeling, I must say. There wasn’t a gun involved, or not one that was shown, but I still would have been freaked had I been there.


And now, this week, we have: Valentine’s Day. Where the card companies, jewelry companies, and candy companies commence with a campaign of guilt and pressure. Diamonds mean love! Chocolate means love! Hallmark means love! No, actually, while all of those things are nice, love is more than that. At least, I hope it is. Although far be it from me to mock chocolate in any way, shape or form. In fact, at times I think it’s all that is getting me through this winter. Seriously. Well, that and Sex and the City. And when both are over, maybe it will actually be spring. I hope so.

have a good day everyone!