So they’re calling for snow here tonight, and we all know what that means—the trip to the grocery store I had planned for today is going to be that much more of a pain in the butt. It’s the total North Carolina reaction to any prediction of bad weather: people just go to the store and buy bread and milk. They freak out that they may not be able to make french toast, or toast, period. It’s like a group panic. And if you’re like me, and you just need some salad and spaghetti sauce, well, then you just have to prepare yourself for long lines.


Meanwhile, on Good Morning America, they shared this phenomenon: Engagement Chicken. Apparently, if you cook this dish for your boyfriend, he’ll propose. It’s Pavlovian, or something. Who knows? What I’m wondering is if there are recipes for other things. Like is there something I can make that will cause my husband to be totally okay with me watching America’s Next Top Model, even if a show he wants to watch is on at the same time? (Thank God for recaps on the website, is all I’m saying.) Perhaps there’s a culinary delight I can whip up that will somehow make him believe that my half-assed attempts at housework are, in fact, truly extraordinary. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It would. But I made either of them today, and they called for bread or milk, I’d be out of luck. Too bad for me.

have a good day everyone!