Rhett Butler
You are Rhett Butler. You refuse to change your
personality to appeal to the masses and cannot
stand the hypocrisy in society. You will do
anything in your power to make sure that you
get what you want.

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Had to take this, for three reasons: I love the book (and the movie), I’m a Southerner and therefore loving the book and the movie is somewhat required, and it leads me oh so nicely into the theme of today’s entry. Ah, I love convergence!

So a few minutes ago I’m watching GMA (that’s Good Morning America, to those who know) and they’re talking about great kisses in movies. Number one is Gone With the Wind (of course). Others mentioned are From Here to Eternity, The Princess Bride, things like that. Which got me thinking about my favorite kiss scenes in movies. Hmmmm.

Well, in recent movies, I love when Jess and Joe finally kiss in Bend it Like Beckham. And I love in Grosse Pointe Blank when John Cusak kisses Minnie Driver and slaps him, and then kisses him again. Priceless. Also: Bridget Jones, at the end (love Colin Firth!) and Lost In Translation, which is a very chaste kiss, but one with wonderful meaning. (They mentioned it on GMA as well.) Say Anything, in the end, when they get back together, right after he gets kicked in the face. Oh, and I guess I should say How to Deal, at the end, because that’s a really sweet part of the movie, when they dance in the hallway corridor.

I mean, when you really think about it, for most romantic comedies, isn’t that what all the buildup is for? Two characters, with, to quote Grosse Pointe Blank “frightening natural chemistry,” who come together, then are pulled apart for various reasons, only to finally find each other again and…kiss.


I’m going to eat some chocolate now.

have a great day everyone!