It’s snowing. AGAIN.


But, on a brighter note, today on Oprah: the ladies of Sex and the City. I know, I know, if you’re not into the show you’re probably already sick of all the hype for the last episode, which will only increase as Sunday approaches. And then we have to go through it all again for Friends in May. But Oprah and SJP? That’s like at least 2 of my Ideal Dinner Party group. So cool.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting a lot of entries lately on my guestbook, and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has signed it lately, or ever. I’m not able to respond to every entry (or else I’d never get any writing done, or much done period) but I do read every single thing that people write. You wouldn’t believe how much a lot of the comments have rallied me on particularly bad writing days: sometimes, they are all that keep me coming back to the computer when I just want to watch Oprah (see above) or sleep or go to Banana Republic. I don’t think there’s any greater reward (really!) for a writer than to know for sure that someone has been touched by what you’ve written. So thank you. Again.

Man, it’s really snowing. I guess I need to just embrace this. (Not literally, but you get the idea.)

have a good day everyone!