Ah, the rare Saturday entry. Can’t help myself.

First, yesterday on the local news they just kept re-running the clip of William Hung from American Idol performing “She Bangs” at some UC Berkeley sports event. If you watched the show at all—or even the promos—you probably saw some of his audition: it was just awful. But there’s something so endearing about the guy, and now he’s a celebrity. Anyone can be famous in America! At least for a few minutes.

In other news, tomorrow night is officially the end of Sex and the City. On this page, they have two really good quizzes to test your knowledge of the show. The average score for the first quiz is a 58: I got an 80. For the second, average is 66: I got a 90. Which just goes to show that I know WAY too much about Carrie et al. But I always was a total nerd about doing well on tests, so it’s all good.

Finally, I’d like to thank starchicklie for introducing a new word into my vocabulary: in commenting on what sort of bathing suit to buy, she said she wanted something “nothing too skankdubious.” I am very intrigued by this expression, and intend to use it from now on. (Even if I’m not sure exactly what it means.)

have a good day everyone….