So, Sex and the City is now over. And I am happy with how it all ended, I have to say. Very happy. I wanted the Big thing all along.

(I am not considering this a spoiler since it is Big News this morning, all over the place: how the show ended is even on the news ticker that runs along the bottom of the Good Morning America, right between Ralph Nader announcing he’s running and the box office returns. I mean, really.)

So now we turn: to the Oscars. I still haven’t seen Monster, which I wanted to get to before the ceremony next weekend. Based on what I have seen, I’m pulling for Renee, for Bill Murray, and for Sofia Coppola for writing and directing. Lost in Translation is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Period. It’s one of those that just lingers with you, that you find yourself still thinking about days afterward. In almost all of the interviews I’ve seen or read with Sofia, she’s been asked what Bob whispers to Charlotte at the very end of the movie, and she’s never given a real answer. In one she said, “Whatever you want him to,” and I just LOVE that, the potential that it could be anything. Amazing.

Once the Oscars are done, we will also officially be done with February, the month I always have the hardest time getting through. One more week! Then I can stop having Dar Williams’ sad, sad song “February,” in my head and move onto March, and Spring Break, and March Madness, and, maybe, just maybe, Spring. Oh, can you even imagine. Then again, they’re calling for that North Carolina favorite, the “wintry mix,” for Wednesday night, so perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Oh, well. A girl can dream, right?

have a good day everyone!